In order to protect the environment, we follow Environmental Protection Policy and we minimize the adverse impact of our plant on the environment.

Environmental policy of our company indicates such business model that will allow us to minimize adverse effect of our operations on the environment.

We are a company that is aware of its impact on the environment.

We produce waste, which is connected with emission of pollutants as well as energy and water consumption, therefore we:

  • use production methods that minimize the consumption of cleaning, washing and disinfection agents, waste generation, emissions of pollutants and which have the smallest possible impact on the environment,
  • conduct environmentally safe waste management ensuring recycling for reuse or disposal in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection,
  • ensure we leave water and air clean - in 2012 we opened our sewage treatment plant, gas boiler house and modern cooling system,
  • manage energy and water in an efficient and cost-effective way,
  • are constantly raising the awareness of our staff in the area of environmental protection.

The understanding of and respect for environmental protection policy by all staff of MIES-POL and the commitment of all in the implementation of its provisions allows for effective action for the good of the environment.

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